PO Box 352387; Palm Coast, FL - 32135

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Join Me In Keeping Palm Coast a Place We Call Home

A Few Things I Support

โ€“  I support Tax Cuts
At a time of hyper inflation and supply issues, tax cuts are the right thing to do.

โ€“  I support Fiscally Responsible Governance
I will always examine the city budget and all project proposals to ensure your money is spent responsibly

โ€“  I support a Positive and Business Friendly Environment
As a 39 year resident of Palm Coast with most of that time being self employed, I know the local business climate and will work towards making an inviting business atmosphere

โ€“  Infrastructure
As Palm Coast grows our infrastructure must keep up. I will constantly push to keep quality of life and infrastructure (swales, roads, canals etc.) improvements ahead of the curve.

โ€“  Public Safety
I support our local law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics. Our quality of life depends heavily on safe living conditions.


Salt water canals are filling in with silt affects the ability of the swales to drain storm water efficiently into the canals.  This affects not only boaters but residents when the swales overflow. Watch this to learn more.

Join Me in Keeping Palm Coast “Home”