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Meet Alan

Join Me In Keeping Palm Coast a Place We Call Home

Brief Biography

Founding Resident, Inventor, Master Diving Instructor,
Business Owner, Published Author,
Palm Coast Resident

Alan was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1961. He grew up in Maine and studied at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is the founder of several small businesses, holder of two U.S. patents and published author. For 39 years, Alan has operated several companies while living in Palm Coast.

Serving the Community

Alan has always had a heart to give when the need arises. He serves on the board of directors for Flagler Open Arms Recovery Service and the Flagler Trump Club. He is a member with the Florida Conservative Pachyderm Club, Flagler Drug Court, the National Rifle Association, and an associate member of the Flagler Fraternal Order of Police. He also holds an annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and charity event. 

Listening to the concerns of a resident

Honoring those who served

Packing and distributing meals for hurricane victims.


Out-of-the-box thinker, Alan Lowe discovered and patented in Sept 2001 a way to rebuild the world’s dying coral reefs, home to many species of fish.  Also, after the fury of Category 5 Hurricane Maria n Sept. 2017, that about decimated Dominica, Alan found a way to bypass Government Red-Tape to reach those in greatest need with food, water and supplies. National Geographic and “Autumn’s Fury” chronicle these two major efforts and the success that followed two selfless acts of human kindness.


The article regarding Alan’s patented method of rebuilding the coral reefs appeared in the September 2001 issue. 


They said it couldn’t be done, So HE did it. Alan patented the world’s first process to artificially reproduce live coral to restock reefs and for the aquarium trade.


Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit Dominica in Sept 2017 causing extensive damage. Alan found ways to bypass government redtape to assist those in greatest need. Read his experiences here.

See Alan in Action Working for Palm Coast

Watch Alan at City Hall

After living in Palm Coast for 39 years, Alan has a strong desire to be a trusted voice in the leadership of our city. He diligently follows, attends and speaks out at the council meetings.

As an engaged resident, Alan often appeals to City Council for the needs of people all over the city. He  listens to the concerns of all the citizens and wants to be your voice in City Hall. 

Please join Alan in keeping Palm Coast a place that we proudly call Home.