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Community Issues

Join Me In Keeping Palm Coast a Place We Call Home

Nestled right off the I-95 Corridor, just minutes from beautiful beaches and the Intracoastal Waterway right at our doorstep, Plam Coast is the best city to reside, work, and enjoy. I have listened to the concerns of the residents and these are just some of the issues that I am determined to address:๏ปฟ

Stormwater Maintenance

Our stormwater system consists of swales that, when maintained, carry water to the freshwater canals and then to the saltwater canals. Standing water in swales leaves a breeding ground for mosquitos and an invitation to water moccasins.

Contrary to popular belief, the saltwater canals serve more than just a beautiful place to boat, kayak and fish, they are part of the storm drainage system for Palm Coast. The swales and canals are in dire need of maintenance & dredging. I will ensure that it gets done properly and at the least cost to the taxpayers to protect the health and well being of our residents.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our city seems hellbent on spending YOUR tax dollars and has no problem increasing your taxes for THEIR pet projects . It is time for that to end!

I will stand with the people against tax increases and frivolous spending. I will ensure a transparent budget and sound spending in our city.


There has been an outcry among the residents for more sidewalks. While Palm Coast has many miles of beautiful trails, we are in need of sidewalks for our children to walk safely to their bus stops off the main arteries and for our seniors to be able to take a walk near their homes without having to drive.  I will work to get the much needed sidewalks in place.

Business Friendly

Currently only 92% of the Cityโ€™s revenue is from the residents and only 8% is from businesses. Also, most working residents must commute outside of the city for work. This needs to CHANGE! Palm Coast needs to foster a business-friendly approach to attract good paying employers and encourage small business to open and thrive.

Seniors & Children

Our city lacks resources, outreach programs and community activities for our Seniors and Children. I will reach out to organizations to make sure we have programs, resources and guidance available as well as ensure that the city provides the facilities and support.


Our Sheriff Staly is tough on crime but he needs our cityโ€™s support to stay on top of it. With an ever-increasing population comes the need for increased law enforcement and I will vote to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.