Author: Alan Lowe

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Non-Binding Referendum is a Sneaky Tax

The real Down Lowe on the FPL Franchise Fee (tax) and the Non-Binding Referendum – what I told Palm Coast City Council: it’s not right.

City Council’s BINDING Referendum on FPL Franchise Fee

After a 6+ hour Palm Coast City Council Meeting, the City Council changed its mind to place an FPL Franchise Fee (Tax) on a Non-Binding Referendum. Instead they will put it on a BINDING referendum where Palm Coast, FL residents can decide to raise their already too high electric bill via an FPL Franchise Fee.…
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A PLAN for Palm Coast

My thoughts…. Reducing taxes while maintaining public services is a challenging balance for city governments. Here are several strategies that can help before raising taxes or sneaky back door franchise fees. 1. **Economic Development**: – **Attract Businesses**: Encourage businesses to set up in the city by offering incentives, which can increase the tax base and…
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Lowering Speed Limits

Once again, I told ya so… The city is considering traffic calming. The most likely is speed humps. Two years ago at a city council meeting discussing traffic calming, I proposed speed humps like those in Town Center. I was ridiculed by a former councilman for suggesting it. Now, after spending thousands on traffic studies…
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Encouraging Business

What are your thoughts? Personally, I 100% support businesses both large and small as well as economic development as it can reduce tax burdens on us all. However, in my opinion there is a need for business diversity. Having the same few types of businesses (gas stations, banks, storage facilities, assisted living facilities and car…
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Affordable Housing

The answer to the affordable housing question is to create a business atmosphere that pays a wage that makes housing Affordable.

Stormwater Rate Increases

You are already paying for it and you should be mad because it isn’t happening!! I have spoken often about the need for saltwater canal maintenance especially where the city stormwater is silting in the canals. Some people have commented that they don’t believe those not on canals should not need to pay for dredging.…
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