Alan Shepard Lowe Bio

Join me in keeping Palm Coast a place to call home!

Alan Shepard Lowe Quick Bio

I was born in Gloucester Massachusetts on the day America’s first astronaut (Alan Shepard) went into space. My family moved to Maine in the early 70s and in 1983 I moved to Palm Coast.

  • I worked with my father Don Lowe (Don Lowe Builder) building custom homes of distinction until I ventured off and started my own local pool service and construction company.
  • I have also owned a SCUBA shop and a Handyman Remodeling company.
  • I am well versed in the business atmosphere of Palm Coast. I’v had a company with 40 employees; negotiated with foreign investors, Prime Ministers and environmental groups.
  • I have also patented two inventions and presented to the FAA a Maintenance manual for an IVA spacesuit I designed.

I have never been a politician and it isn’t typical political pandering skills that I bring to the table. My skills include unique out of the box problem solving, negotiating and listening to the needs of the people. I have no fear of jumping into the fray, pulling a team together and solving problems that bring about creative solutions to difficult problems.  Also, being a very longtime resident of Palm Coast (almost 40 years) I have a vested interest in seeing the city evolve in a positive manner.

I am asking YOU to vote for me,  Alan Lowe, as Mayor so we can make Palm Coast a Place to Call HOME again.